Subodha is a Ph.D. candidate in the CISE department at University of Florida under the supervision of Prof. Prabhat Mishra researching on System-on-Chip (SoC) security.

He is a co-founder and a member of the board of a Solar PV system installation company based in Sri Lanka. The company has currently invested in other ventures such as a healthcare center in Sri Lanka and a construction firm.

Subodha Research
System-on-Chip Security | Energy-Aware Computing

Subodha’s research work explores how cryptography and machine learning can be utilized to ensure security in resource-constrained embedded and IoT devices. He has published in several top conferences/journals during his short time in the field.

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Subodha Entrepreneur
Energy Solutions | Healthcare

During his time in college, Subodha launched a startup with his colleagues focusing on the energy sector of Sri Lanka and is now serving as a member of the board. After 7 years of operation, his company – Alta Vision (Pvt) Ltd is contributing more than 6MW of power to the national grid through Solar PV systems. His company has invested in other ventures such as a healthcare center in Sri Lanka and a construction firm

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Subodha Volunteer

Subodha has been involved in IEEE for more than 8 years starting as a student member. He played a major role in uplifting IEEE activities in Sri Lanka and he was recognised as the best student volunteer in Asia Pacific region in 2015. He is currently serving as the Regional Student Representative of Region 3 and Vice Chair - Education & Awards in IEEE Entrepreneurship steering committee.

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Work Experience
Research Assistant Embedded Systems Lab, University of Florida
Work Experience
Graduate Intern Strategic CAD Labs, Intel Corporation
Harris Corporation Communication Graduate Fellowship for outstanding PhD students in CISE, UF
IEEE MGA Young Professionals Achievement Award 2019 for outstanding contributions to IEEE Young Professionals
IEEE “Larry K. Wilson” Award (Region 10) for the best student volunteer in the Asia-Pacific Region in 2015
Brands Created
Provisional Patents
Years in IEEE