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The Pearl Cluster Story

22nd July 2012, I was in the workshop of the Department of Electronic & Telecommunication...
Continue reading February 7, 2022

Social Media - Why We Are Not Ready and Why We Might Never Will Be

As someone who is nearing a decade since starting to use social media, and having used it...
Continue reading June 27, 2020

A Sea of Blue & Yellow

13th March to 28th April, 2007, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) declared a ceasefire...
Continue reading December 19, 2019


Gone are the days when parents used to take two different routes just because if a bomb goes off,...
Continue reading May 18, 2018

The Web He Spun

In memory of Rangana Herath's illustrious career - arguably, the best left arm spinner of all time...
Continue reading April 17, 2016

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